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pramod mehta

Pramod Mehta

In a career spanning for over 2 decades, Pramod has mastered several skills. Along with being a Chartered Accountant, he is the founder of iShoutnow Technologies Pvt. Ltd, (www.ishoutnow.com) and is certainly an entrepreneur at heart. Be it resilience, managing tasks or multi-tasking, he applies his abilities to every task. With the zeal to make a difference, he believes a brilliant idea and the Internet has the power to enrich human life.


About Myself

Circa 1975. Born in conservative yet enterprising family, Pramod endows the family’s trait. His Grandfather was the first in the family to graduate doing BA honors. After graduating he set up ventures in south India- some survived and some failed. Pramod’s father after finishing the schooling from down south arrived in the magical city of Mumbai to test his fortunes. Sadly, language barrier did not allow him further studies. Taking things in his stride he started working as a workman in the local manufacturing company. Pramod’s mother though qualified nurse decided to look after the household, which she did wonderfully.

Pramod attended 2 schools – Seth Madhavdas Amersey High School and MGM Academy’s High School. The period at MGM Academy’s High School was brilliant which brought his qualities to the fore. Pramod was a brilliant student and Natural Leader. He was selected to be “Head Prefect” in the penultimate year of the school and to be the “School Leader” in the last year at school. Pramod owes a lot to the schoolteachers for the fantastic and formative education at the schools. Though all Teachers were great, but they were some with whom Pramod had a special bond. To name some- Cooper Sir who taught him numbers which play very important role in his career, Mrs. Rajshri who taught him communication, Mrs. Rashmi who taught him how to use the nuances and correct diction while using the languages, Mrs. Padmaja who taught him all about the world around, and Mrs. Asmat who taught him all he needed to know about Sciences.

Pramod always wanted to be an Engineer, but the destiny had planned some thing more exciting and grandeur for him. His father lost work around his Xth Results, and the plans had to be altered. He decided to graduate from Commerce Stream a low cost option. He enrolled himself in one of the Premier institutes – A J College of Commerce (famously called Mithibai College) under Mumbai University. Pramod started to teach to fund his own education. Pramod’s control over basics and logical learning and being a natural leader helped him a lot. He was teaching students one or two years junior to him successfully.

After graduating in first class from Mumbai University, he enrolled for Chartered Accountancy course. Here special mention needs to be given to his accountancy professor CA Alpesh Shah. Pramod owes a lot to him to sharpening his resolve to be Chartered Accountant. Joined one of the leading Auditing firms of India based out of Mumbai to do my articleship period. The firm specialised in Auditing matters, having big Brands as their clients endorsing this. Handled various assignments including Internal Audits, Management Audits, Statutory Audits, Special Investigative Audits etc. in various capacities over 3 years period.

To decide on the first job was a very interesting decision, during articleship period he was convinced to work for small and medium size organisation doing all rather than being struck with silo in a big organisation. The First Job was with Mundra group an old established entity having presence in Hospitality business, Real estate and Dealership of Cement, Switch Gears, Corrugated Boxes. There his apt business skills helped him rise to the position of General Manager. The stint here helped Pramod to learn the way small and medium size organization works, decision-making process, what goes into decisions, and the how the objectives are pursued. Working with Marwari group helped him understand the real essence of business The Art of doing business was thoroughly imbibed in the thinking process.

The next stop in the career journey took Pramod to Eirich Transweigh (I) Pvt Ltd, Joint Venture Company between Eirich Group, German MNC pioneer in Mixing Technology and Transweigh International, leading manufacturers of Material Handling Equipment. The company was in the business of supplying Mixers and Material Handling Equipment and setting Turnkey Plants for Foundry, Refractory, Iron & Steel, Glass and other Industries in India. The Company grew from 1.1 MN Dollars to More than 3 MN Dollars during my employment period. This stint allowed Pramod the ground to apply his learning’s. Here he was exposed to lot of new areas of work. Pramod’s domain grew from Accounting to more Commercial. Plus the HR and Administration domain made him more people oriented. Pramod was the only one amongst his peers across the group companies throughout the world to prepare and present the Accounting Manual. The Management both local as well as global was supporting of his Ideas and Approaches. Pramod was part of the core team on the data and information standardisation across the group. He led the team to implement the ERP in the organization. Pramod regards the period at Eirich Transweigh as his most rewarding in terms of career advancement.

The period between Eirich Transweigh and AgencyDigi was kind of floater, where career or work wise Pramod did not do any thing significant. The conditions of the economy then did not accord any worthwhile opportunity.

The stint at AgencyDigi was a break out opportunity for Pramod. To be part of the founding team that was the best in the industry was a huge thing. This New Age Digital Agency founded by Karl Gomes and Prashant Mohanachandran was big thing in advertising circuit then. The stint gave Pramod the understanding of the marketing domain. Being present in the Digital Agency at the start of the digital economy was the biggest learning Pramod could have mustered. He was part of the biggest Marketing Campaign then “Tata Tea – Soch Badlo”. Working in a start up gave him the opportunity to be part of everything. Pramod considers working with Karl Gomes has greatly helped. He has started to evangelise more ideas and think of any out of box solutions. This attributes has helped him further in his career advancements.

Pramod now supports business in evangelising ideas, process and domains. During his extensive career he has realised that every businesses plateaus beyond a certain point. The business owners have no clue about this, or they don’t acknowledge this, or if they acknowledge this they don’t have any means to change the situations.

He is on mission now to support business to realise their true potential.


First Class Commerce Graduate from Mumbai University

Qualified Chartered Accountant from
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

Successfully completed Certificate course on M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) From Times School of Business in association with JBIMS and University of Mumbai

Bringing Ideas to Life

Founder of iShoutnow

For Consumers who seek simple, relevant, timely and geographically local updates, iShoutnow is the ideal application. It is a digital platform that allows Businesses to Shout Out real-time announcements. iShoutnow believes and operates in a Do-It-Yourself model.

At iShoutnow, we leverage path-breaking technologies to build Solid Products and Platforms

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