An Entrepreneur – Raddiwala (Rag picker)

An Entrepreneur – Raddiwala (Rag picker)

Mar 30, 2016 Business, Business Strategy, Development, Entrepreneur

it was an interesting conversation, which led to this discovery.

a friend of mine and me were discussing generally about the life over the weekend, as usually it is done without anything specific. we were going all over the places, discussing about the real estate industry, state of politics, the job market, the growth of economy, the scenario over next few years like a matured souls.
the discussion went over almost a hour, and we ended from where we started – with nothing tangible coming out of it.

as I sat over recollecting the discussion, something very intriguing came out as big surprise.

let me bring out my eureka moment:

we all study for what we aspire to be, some are successful and some some not so successful at their efforts, but what all of us inherit a rigidity in our thought process that is for sure.

The rigidity is what we do? How we do? with our learning’s. we all have a list of things which we want to do? and not really a list of things which we do not want to do? but we make a serious attempt in applying all our energies in making this differentiation a reality.

as a child we all want to be Doctors, Engineers or Pilots. How many of us want to be entrepreneurs? not many.

How many of us want to be entrepreneurs as Rag pickers? probably i will get response as "are you gone Nuts", "are you in sense".

to be honest, i would also not be looking to do something as this?

but looking from a business sense,
it makes a great sense….
let me share my thoughts.

the business model is very simple,
lot of throwaway piles in every house and office every month, which needs to be cleared.
this happens month on month without fail, irrespective of season.
this needs to be serviced by someone.
so there this ready market to be tapped.
what it requires is very less capital and very cheap labour.
the prices are determined very arbitrarily, that presents a scenario of Huge Margin.

believe me this business model really is successful.
i have been residing in same neighbourhood for almost 12 years, been interacting with a Raddiwala for 12 years now, i have seen him grow his business.
boy, he is very successful, and i am part of his success story by being his supplier for all these years.

incidentally, he came to the neighbourhood at the same time as we moved in.
he started from a rental shop,
he owns 3 shops, he is near monopoly, has employed 12 people from his village.

that is phenomenal by far by any standards.
which business vertical grows at this rate is something which i have not figured out.

how many of us would have thought to be in this business?
answer still remains a BIG NO….

this is what i meant by big differentiation with what we live….
we have created so many NO – NO in our ways, that a oppurtunity like this is never thought by maximum of us including me.
i pondered more, who are these people then?

for me they are pure Entrepreneurs who seek monies in every oppurtunity they see.

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