Here is what employees seek from their leader

Here is what employees seek from their leader

Jan 11, 2019 Business, Business Strategy, Entrepreneur, Development

It is quite often heard that more than finding an ideal organization to work for, employees look for a good boss. This is indeed true in many cases. Having a good leader is all that one needs to thrive.

This is also one reason several employees change jobs- Not having a good boss!

As leaders of your respective organizations you are certainly mindful about the importance of retaining your employees. It is no secret. Employee gratification has a vital role in the success of the business. Constantly having new employees join your organization and work with no stability at all is thoroughly harmful for your organization and nature of work.

To solve this problem; leaders need to pay heed to what their employees seek and mend ways to try and help make the workplace a happy place.

Trust & Freedom: Employees have a mind of their own. Constantly watching over their every move is not the thing any leader should do. This is not an environment that is productive or innovative. Being flexible with your employees and giving them the autonomy to do their job is what will lead to better results. Trust them and give them the freedom to do so.

Feedback: While you may give your employee the necessary freedom to do their will, giving them feedback is important to make sure everything falls in place. This should be an inclusion of both positive and negative feedback. When your employees have done something that is commendable, give them credit for it. If they have not met your expectations, tell them about it. Giving negative feedback isn’t about being rude to your employees. Just put your point forward and tell it politely, in a way that your employees get it right.

Technology: Not having the required and updated equipment while working hampers productivity. It also fosters irritability and dissatisfaction in employees. So providing all the devices and software they need is vital. It won’t cost you a lot because your employees will yield better results.

Transparency: There are certain details that an entrepreneur cannot give an employee and it is ok to keep them a secret. Although this does not act as a reason for not being transparent. Most times employees must know what is happening in the organization and what are the situations like. This makes them feel more trusted and happy.

Fair Compensation: Not being paid rightfully for what work an employee does can be the biggest turn off. As a leader you need to recognize the effort your employee puts in and must acknowledge it.

A good leader can pave way for a prosperous business. Making these habits a part of your culture will certainly be beneficial for you. Do try them out.

Pramod Mehta In a career spanning for over 2 decades, I have mastered several skills. Being resilient, managing tasks, multi-tasking and consulting are my forte. Years of being a Chartered Accountant has endowed me the skill sets of being an entrepreneur. Applying my learning, with utmost diligence to every task I adopt is natural to me. I am also the founder of iShoutnow Technologies Pvt. Ltd, ( which is an application that lets customers discover real-time deals, discounts and offers available around them. It also lets merchants shout out their offers to customers! It is an open platform for relevant, timely and geographically local information. The application is simple, user-friendly and also offers a Do-It-Yourself method for creating adverts. With the zeal to make a difference, I believe a brilliant idea and the power of internet can enrich human life.