High Cash Burnout Ratio

High Cash Burnout Ratio

Aug 11, 2016 Business, Business Strategy, change management, Consulting, Entrepreneur, Motivation

Find a immediate solution to a very high cash burnout rate, impacting the Client’s business roll out plans.

1. Objectives and Base Expectation – The Business plan to be studied in minute details, find alteration possibles to the milestones and reduce the cash burn rate.

2. Challenges

  • The Acquired entity had very young and energetic bunch of people driving the business.
  • Tweaks in the milestones had to be made; also they had to be educated to the team.

3. Planning and Methodology

  • The changes to the business plan were made.
  • Based on the changes made, the team was suitably changed.
  • The marketing was geared up for the changes and necessary business tie ups were made.
  • The Focus of the Team was recalibrated, without affecting the morale.
  • The output of the focus group was monitored on daily basis.
  • The belief was been created that the changes were positive and relevant to the business needs.

4. Key Takeaways

  • The changed milestones helped us in generating Cash within 3 months.
  • This helped us in reducing Cash Burn rate significantly.
  • This brought about more objectivity into operations.

5. Time Period – it took around 3 months.

Pramod Mehta In a career spanning for over 2 decades, I have mastered several skills. Being resilient, managing tasks, multi-tasking and consulting are my forte. Years of being a Chartered Accountant has endowed me the skill sets of being an entrepreneur. Applying my learning, with utmost diligence to every task I adopt is natural to me. I am also the founder of iShoutnow Technologies Pvt. Ltd, (www.ishoutnow.com) which is an application that lets customers discover real-time deals, discounts and offers available around them. It also lets merchants shout out their offers to customers! It is an open platform for relevant, timely and geographically local information. The application is simple, user-friendly and also offers a Do-It-Yourself method for creating adverts. With the zeal to make a difference, I believe a brilliant idea and the power of internet can enrich human life.