Mumbai Potholes – a Practical Solution

Mumbai Potholes – a Practical Solution

Mar 30, 2016 Branding, Business, Business Strategy, Consulting, Development, Motivation

A lot has been said, and lot is there which is not said about Mumbai Potholes on the road.
There many studies commissioned to find the real problems why the potholes surface, lot of fact finding mission, and many more efforts undertaken by the people who governs us.

Newspapers and News Channels are abuzz with no of potholes as listed by the authorities.
This is atrocious, and hilarious for someone to actually count, someone to actually report that in dailies and news channels, and we Mumbaikars actually read and see that piece of information and move on with the life.
We don’t react to this absurdity.

But that’s what we Mumbaikar are. We move on, though we are directly affected.
That’s in our genes. Our whole outlook towards life is made of this approach – to move on., This approach should be questioned, but I see this more of structural problem, which cannot be done away with overnight change. But the Potholes are there.

And in many more numbers than counted and repaired (as reported in newspapers). When the monsoon (rainy seasons) arrives, potholes also appear. So also the blame game and suggestion are plenty.

For me the appearing of potholes every Monsoon (rainy season) is more akin to structural problems that besieges a Mumbaikar. A solution has to be more permanent and structural in dimension. Monies are not the issue, we Mumbaikar contribute largest to the national kitty, and we live in world’s richest Muncipal Corporation. So money is definitely not the issue.

Technology is again not the issue; with monies around in abundance any technology can be sourced. My reading into the situations suggests is that People who governs us don’t relate with the problem, they are simply short of understanding of the grievances of the Mumbaikar.

I would give them complete benefit of doubt, For me to solve a problem, you need to first face it, live with it,that is what all of us do in our day to day life. The people who govern us are actually far away from reality; actually they stay very far from the reality (potholes).

They all stay in high rises sprawling across south mumbai which seldom is beset with problems of this magnitude, They are never caught in traffic jam for hours, they never miss their flights due delay in commute, their vehicles never breakdown due to potholes and they never die due to potholes.

I want to bring out one more insight which is very typical to Mumbaikar. A month ago there was article in Times of India, Mumbai edition about the travel time and distance which a Mumbaikar undertakes daily. Though reference to that article was different, I need to bring out one corollary to the article been written here. This article is very interesting in context to the topic what I am writing. Almost 60-70% of the population travels a distance of 16kms to 40kms.

These constituents the Mumbaikars who are on the move, who are most affected by the potholes on the daily basis, They encounter these potholes on the daily basis, they are worst affected, hence the anguish. The people who governs us, seldom encounter the potholes, hence they are indifferent to problem what a Mumbaikar faces. This is where benefit of doubt needs to be given to them. But there is problem on hand, a big one, which needs to be addressed. I feel the problem can be addressed only if you are facing it day in and day out.

A solution, Let the people who governs us live the life of Mumbaikar to emphasize with the problems.
My suggestion is all those persons who are responsible to maintain the city should be staying approximate the same distance away from the place of work as any other Mumbaikar stays.

By this they would feel the way a normal Mumbaikar feels. This is humble attempt to relate to the problem and come to solution; I am really ignorant about the modalities to make this happen. "Where there is will, there is a way" If you feel this solution might work for us Mumbaikar, Please read this, Please share this to every Mumbaikar, If the numbers do support this, we may very well have a solution in hand.

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