The role of a business evangelist

The role of a business evangelist

April 12, 2019 Branding, Business, Business Strategy, Consulting, Development, Entrepreneur

An Evangelist is a marketer who uses word-of-mouth communication to spread a message. The duty of an evangelist is not only to market behind the screens but to move out of the comfort zone and develop strong relationships that last for a lifetime. The marketing strategy or message used by an evangelist should be appealing enough to stay with prospects. A good business evangelist successfully augments the crew. Evangelists find customers who then become evangelists themselves and are willing to spread a positive message just because they believe in the product and its purpose. Well you read it right! That is the power of evangelism and hence today every organization needs the ideal business evangelist.

If you want to know what evangelism can bring to your table, here is the job role of an evangelist.

Creates a story: A business evangelist has to build and spread stories which are inspiring and induce passion. These stories need to be real and most importantly transparent. Earlier brands used to adopt one-way marketing strategies to spread messages but today brands need to go into the world, learn from the current market scenarios and communicate their findings to the internal team as well. Everything communicated to customers and the encounters an evangelist has in the real world should be transparent and must reach company employees. The organization has to take the necessary steps to sustain a product in the market so that a business evangelist can successfully share positive brand messages.

Brings more evangelists: The job of a business evangelist is to convert prospects into loyal customers who are willing to spread a positive message about the brand. A good evangelist brings in more evangelists. The aim is to have loyal customers who believe in the brand, its value and its offerings. Happy customers will joyfully spread a positive word.

Promotes two way communications: Customers have a voice and they do have a lot to say. The good evangelist will always listen to customers. It is essential to stay well updated with the market trends, demands and pick what is necessary. As an evangelist one must take the right lead and present it to the organization. Create a story around what has been noted and narrate it.

Adapts: Everything is evolving by the days and so are the mediums through which customers receive messages. Traditional modes of communication continue to stay and digital modes of communication are growing every day. Everyone who wishes to survive in this age needs to adapt to the changing trends constantly. Indeed, a business evangelist has to keep up with the changing rules and demands.

A business evangelist can add great value to an organization. Evangelism can certainly take your business places. Do consider hiring a business evangelist or being one yourself!

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