The difference between- The role of a leader & a manager

Aug 10, 2018 Branding, Business, Change management, Development

A leader and a manager both play vital roles at their own places. Many a times these two roles are over lapped. So differentiating between the two and understanding their versatile work gets tough. This fun infographic will clearly tell you, what does a leader have in store and what does the manager offer an organization.

The difference between- The role of a leader & a manager
Leader Manager
Works for effectiveness Works for efficiency
Makes the strategy happen Manages the strategy
The motivator Plans, directs and co-ordinates
Aims for growth and development Focuses on the set targets
Looks at the human resources Ensures the ideal procedure

An organization requires both leaders and managers to bring out the best within their team. At every level a manager and a leader offer something that is unique within their capabilities. A good leader and a good manager can take an organization a long way, they just need to know their role right and strive for it.

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