Ways to build a stronger and healthier Business

Ways to build a stronger and healthier Business

May 11, 2018 Branding, Business, Business Strategy, Consulting, Development, Motivation

Business stems from a brilliant idea and goes on to discovering several paths. Today with entrepreneurship growing to another level, it gets tougher for businesses to make a definite path for themselves. But just like every game has its rules, business too has certain techniques that can help an idea bloom and discover its true potential.

Boost you creativity: An imaginative thought can take you a long way. But to begin with, you need to feed your mind with the right sources. Get involved in activities around; spend time finding out facts and figures behind a success story and stay curious always. A creative idea is certainly going to help your business bloom, but only if, sowed and watered in the right amount and at the right time.

Branding: A creative idea can either be your fundamental business thought or a new technique to market your business. Amongst all the creativity that you try bringing out make sure you do the necessary branding, so that customers recall your brand. Select the right spots where you conduct any branding activities, places where you can deliver the needed messages. All in all ensure that your product is creating positive experiences with people, so that they always recollect it.

Team Spirit: Motivate your team! Let them have a high spirit always. Start with understanding each one’s abilities and shortcomings. Also build a strong team with the right candidates as per the essential job roles. The marketing team, the technical team etc each one needs to stay highly motivated to complete each task. Acknowledge the work of your employees and appreciate them for their effort. Powerful internal operations will lead to improved outer results.

Track your performance: Always be curious to think from a customer’s point of view. Once your product is out in the market, keep checking whether it has the intended impact and whether it is being used and perceived rightly. You may gain a customer today but also know it’s very easy to lose one! Finding customers and then retaining them is where the growth of your business lies.

Observe and Learn: Watch closely! Observe what are your competitors or other brands around you doing. Understand their work, what was successful? What was not? Make a proper analysis and always stay mindful. Observation can be really healthy! So notice and apply it rightfully.

If followed and with utmost determination, the end result will surely be fruitful. But along with this, what is equally important is having faith in your idea. Believe and you are halfway there!

Pramod Mehta In a career spanning for over 2 decades, I have mastered several skills. Being resilient, managing tasks, multi-tasking and consulting are my forte. Years of being a Chartered Accountant has endowed me the skill sets of being an entrepreneur. Applying my learning, with utmost diligence to every task I adopt is natural to me. I am also the founder of iShoutnow Technologies Pvt. Ltd, (www.ishoutnow.com) which is an application that lets customers discover real-time deals, discounts and offers available around them. It also lets merchants shout out their offers to customers! It is an open platform for relevant, timely and geographically local information. The application is simple, user-friendly and also offers a Do-It-Yourself method for creating adverts. With the zeal to make a difference, I believe a brilliant idea and the power of internet can enrich human life.